What we hide from ourselves is far greater than what we fear others might see
Excellence comes when there is no consideration for anything less
Our logical brains are chronic liars. Only our consciousness knows for sure
In any story, inconsistencies are a sure sign that the truth has been altered or is missing
Our passion is not something we must find, it is everything that we love
Enormity is perceived. When we look at what is now, it is all simple.
Asking indicates that you do not believe in what you intend.
Discernment isn't about what is true for everyone else, only what is true for us
Equilibrium is a big word for having found inner balance and maintained it.
A lifetime only seems that way when we are looking for what we think we don't have
Lacking trust is our way of keeping things we don't know how to handle at bay
Nothing is a simple matter of fact. There are always unseen, unknown aspects to every situation.
If we are perfection then why do we work
so hard to be anything else?
Frustration is our resistance to consider an alternative path
The light of tomorrow's events resides in our expressions of being today.
What is chaos but a thunderstorm washing everything to clarity?
Reality is only a perception based upon expectations that you believe
When we stop running from ourselves we learn what we really feel
Surrender implies defeat. Humility allows for all possibilities.
Become that which you intend and that which you intend becomes.
Guilt is always having to say you are sorry...because someone else thinks you are
All complexity is nothing more than an entanglement of simple situations.
Peace cannot be established in our world until we have achieved it within ourselves
The ability to hear is entirely dependent upon the willingness to listen
To live well and full is to expose one’s vulnerabilities so that they can become strong.
We are not what we do. in any given moment we are the perfect expression of our life's work.
We don't have to do everything alone. It is ok to ask for help and to accept it too
Truth lies not in the words but in the spaces in between them.
What we love in others are the things we find inaccessible in ourselves. But they are there.
Loneliness is lessened when we are comfortable with our own company
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