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The most elemental aspect of life is joy, fueled by self love then love for all else. The rest is secondary.
Seek not the illusion, the false assurances of the ego, but the greater forces of truth, for that is who you have always been.
What is really amazing is that we have the capability to be amazed! With that, life is always new and exciting!
Being rational is sometimes the most irrational thing to do. Take a leap into the unknown!
To open to others is to fill the world and ourselves in ways that we had previously missed.
To live well and full is to expose one’s vulnerabilities so that they can become strong.
There is magic in every aspect of nature. Once realized, nothing is impossible except impossibility
No healing is done with the brain; it is all done of the heart for when passion is applied miracles happen.
Mastery only comes when we no longer have anything to defend, control, criticize or judge...including ourselves!
In any story, inconsistencies are a sure sign that the truth has been altered or is missing
The easiest way to sabotage ourselves into disappointment is to have expectations no one else knows about
What we love in others are the things we find inaccessible in ourselves. But they are there.
There are many ways to bleed. It is those injuries we can't see that often fester unattended.
To become everything which you seek is to live the very essence of that which you sought to find.
Anticipation without expectations leads to excellence of experience without disappointment
Abundance is value. If we don't give ourselves the value we deserve, neither do we give ourselves the abundance we so desire
Seek not to follow others away from your true destination, for it is there, all the time, within you
What if we put all of the energy we spend worrying about what we don't want into what we DO want? Imagine!
True elegance begins with the miracle of us then propagates with the miracles of our lives. We are beautiful beings.
We can't truly connect with each other until our defenses are out of the way and we act authentically
It is easier to go with the flow and allow things to unfold than to restrict your experience via expectations.
Synchronicities are always with us, but they are only available when we are present enough to notice them
Who you are is determined through your experiences; how you are is determined by how you choose to interpret them
Stress is caused by our attempts to be what we believe others want when their desires are outside of our truth
Remember that in all of your giving you are only filled and full when you learn to receive equally.
When you create from anything outside of yourself you become a victim of our own creative process.
Be still and listen inwardly for there is our core truth. What we hear externally seeks to convince us otherwise
Normal is a perception which is part of our every day illusion. Beyond that are infinite journeys outside of the box
We are not what we do. in any given moment we are the perfect expression of our life's work.
Each of us is a mirror to the other. What bothers us is something we haven't admitted to ourselves.
Thanks for stopping in! Do you know that we have the power to change our life experience? That everything is a choice that is ours to make? That we can truly marry our humanity and our divinity right here and now? Let me show you how.