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Self sabotage is our way of saying we aren’t worth it
Being satisfied means letting go of perceptions of lack
The only way a door will open is if we walk toward it and turn the handle
To be satiated we must have first been willing to nourish ourselves
One criticism can undo a thousand kudos
There are no impossibilities and our options are limitless.
Passion isn’t something to do it is something that is.
Feeling intense means we have left our comfort zone... finally!
Loneliness is lessened when we are comfortable with our own company
Our most intense feelings are our creation, no one else's
The only limits one has are those which are self imposed.
What if we realized that we are already what we were trying to be?
Expectations are disappointments smothered in secret desires
Frustration can lead to new and different ways of doing things
Spiritually we don't grow, we remember
Hurricanes are always followed by clarity and calm
values change when they are driven by truth
We are illuminated by virtue that we exist at all
Often what feels ominous to us is simply something we can't comprehend
Listen deeply beyond the words and into the truth
When we feel insignificant it is because we haven't recognized ourselves
Living is an art form ~ Express yourself!
We cannot discover anything new until we accept that it is possible.
Your body does exactly as it is told
*We can only be heard if we are willing to be seen
Sometimes what didn’t happen is a greater success than what did
When we are indispensable we have little left to expend on our own behalf
Peace of mind only requires letting it happen
Evidence is not necessary to prove truth. Truth is.
Sometimes when we most doubt ourselves we are the most right
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