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Better to deal once now than a lifetime of maybe laters
The ability to hear is entirely dependent upon the willingness to listen
What we cannot help may not be ours to fix
To balance the body mind and spirit, believe, know and let it be
The ultimate satisfaction is not needing to be satisfied
Sometimes what didn’t happen is a greater success than what did
How hard we work trying to fix things that aren't broken!
Our perceptions are only as great is our willingness to imagine
We are illuminated by virtue that we exist at all
Sometimes we need exactly the opposite of what we crave
Infinite possibilities await the moment that we conceive them.
Passion has many faces but compassion only one
You are already perfect. To know this is perfection
The value of what we hold onto is questionable
Reality is nothing more than our beliefs becoming our experience
We cannot discover anything new until we accept that it is possible.
We are everything that we believe and nothing that we are told.
Nothing is possible until we are aware that it is
Fear is a version of insanity for it is in no way based in reality
If it isn't yours you may be able to carry it but you cannot own it
Peace only reigns when our inner battles cease
Evidence is not necessary to prove truth. Truth is.
Resistance is our way of saying I don't know how
Love that is unrequited was not likely ours in the first place.
Innocence does not allow for cynicism
When we are indispensable we have little left to expend on our own behalf
We only experience magic when we believe in it
Spiritually we don't grow, we remember
What is wise we do not learn, we become
Asking indicates that you do not believe in what you intend.
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