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Online Messages June 23, 2014

Message from Dr. Meg:

June 23rd, 2014

Greetings to each of you! The Masters jarred me awake early this morning. I was suddenly awakened with one of them standing in my bedroom door who loudly said “Meg get UP!”. I sat up and asked, “WHY would you do this!” I have to admit I was a bit confused when I saw no one. Usually they stand there until they get my attention. I guess they realized I was awake. LOL. Apparently they wanted me to get up and write. Something major is happening. I will let them talk about it in their part of the newsletter since they are far more eloquent that me.

Lately the energies have been intense. I have been seeing many dimensional overlaps. By that I mean that there are bleed throughs of multiple realities. Are you seeing beings or other worlds in flashes one second then gone the next? This isn’t like when we are first waking up and start seeing shadows or non-defined beings from other worlds. These are nearly manifested as 3D. There is a quickening in the frequencies of our world that is allowing other worlds to be available to us that were not previously.

When I look outward into creation, there are moments when I see that things are overlaid, or out of focus. Many worlds present in the one. When this happens, there is a huge alignment taking place across dimensions. When these alignments occur, we receive new and different patterns of energy flow. Since all things are concurrent, time, space, us, “them”, everything, as we overlap during the alignments, all of us in every reality share energy, exchange energy and information, and either slide easily into the ride or things in our world start shaking up, requiring us to look at what we have created and if it is the truth we meant to create. For some, the answer is an unequivocal yes! For others, chaos.
This happens every time there is a shifting occurring but in the current case, the energies are strange and new for us. Isness abounds. What is Isness? It is our ability to project our attention outward into creation and literally become a double helix of energy. We, as the double helix have the ability to stretch clearly into source and send and receive information and energies simultaneously and instantaneously. With this connection, a simple touch heals or changes. This process came to me several years ago when I was at a conference in Reno. It hit me like a ton of bricks. When we connect to our Isness, the energies we bring in have mass. They have weight, and are nearly manifest.

For this time, it is vitally important to be diligent about what is in our minds. What we think with any emotion quickly becomes reality. And gosh, if you didn’t mean it, you may see results you didn’t mean to happen. Seriously.

Sometimes is it good to get back to basics. Creating has never been easier or faster. Think of it this way, what I tell my students are that all energy is intelligent, but it is also potential. It does little until it receives a command or information that it has something it must do. That command is generally in the form of energy flowing through creation carrying instructions about everything that it learns along the way. As it receives that message, new realities become in process and to their outcomes nearly simultaneously. When we intentionally send messages that are comprised of our intentions and emotions, then let go of them so that creation can do its thing, the messages are more direct and less delayed. That is how is usually works. Now, a flash of thought can create an instant reality.

When we have dimensional overlaps such as what is currently occurring, It is much an alignment of access points through the fabric of creation that literally streamline light energy and therefore information to us. We may hear things, see things, feel things, know things all that have until that moment been out of our reach or at least out of our attention.

Every type of awakening is a remembering. All of it. Nothing is happening to us, it is just that the light in us is beginning to become part of our attention. Light carries information, and our consciousness becomes our personal conduit to all of creation. We are beginning to remember other parts of ourselves that we forgot how to use. We had forgotten they even existed. But here we are.

The greatest way to get the most out of the quickening that continues for several more months is just the opposite of what we might think. All we need to do is relax. All of our defenses, all of our need to know, all of our expectations and fears, and allow ourselves to become present. This is a basic process and yet it is astounding how counterintuitive that seems. Any inside or physical tension (in the body) slows or impedes that continual flow of information that we have with Creation.

Often we think that our experiences should look or feel a certain way because that is how it happened before, or to someone else. The things to remember here is that whatever it was, whatever it was like, it happened in another now. In every now creation is recreating itself based upon the energies and information that serve as its purest form of communication and manifesting powers. If we try to “go back” to an experience, it is not true any more since all creation is in a constant state of evolution. Consider this: Don’t try to make the energy or the experience something that you preconceive. Instead, follow it. What do I mean by that? Get here, get now, and let the experiences come to you in truth in their time. Just as energy is intelligent and knows exactly how and where to go and what to do, so is the creative process of creation. The only thing that blocks us from an intimate creative process of our own is the tension that is created be fear or need. Tension is fear and need is perceived lack. Neither is true.

In this time, in this now, we are being called to bring into our world what is true. All else contributes to destructive means and ends. Things work or they don’t. Life flourishes or it fizzles. If things are not going the way that we want them to, let go. Our faith that it is already so has made it so. Our fear is the damaging force that delays or destroys the original intent.

The other piece of this is what IS the intent? Are we clear on it or is it just a confusing glob of ideas thrown out into creation with mixed feelings and emotions.

Get clear. Realize the power of your voice in all that is. Don’t ask; command. But do it with your heart and you will be heard.

I am teaching our Touching the Light class in Atlanta June 27-29 and I am looking for three or 4 volunteers for Sunday June 29th at either 10-12 or 2-4 pm. I have a stellar group of students this year and this will be their first weekend of working with volunteers. If you might be available please contact me at . These sessions are free to you and invaluable to my students!

The England trip did sell out and I will be leaving for the UK mid July. I am going to Scotland first and back to Rosslyn Chapel. Something is driving me there and so I am answering the call. A few days after that I will be meeting the group in London. I will be sending photos and comments to you via my social networking sites along the way. We will be doing a private sunrise ceremony in Stonehenge on July 27th at 5:30 am in England. That is 9 pm pacific time, midnight eastern time on July 26th. I invite all of you to come together with us in that now. We will be calling to all of our ancestors, all of the deities, all of the beings of light to amplify the love we have in our ability for unconditional being into us and outward in a raising of frequencies in all of our world.

This week I will be adding a few new handmade items to the made by Dr. Meg part of my web store. Also, Peruvian textiles ~ Altar cloths and Mesa Cloths are 10% off.

I have had such a beautiful response to the Living Light Attunements that I have opened up some days in my calendar to accommodate you! For THIS WEEK ONLY Living Light Attunements are BUY ONE GET ONE FREE. Please see the links below the newsletter for information and links to take advantage of this! I will personally be scheduling these and they will be late August, September and October. Appointments are first come first serve in order I receive them. I am not likely to offer this again this year. I hope this helps some of you to be able to do this. It is a powerful initiation with the finest of creation’s frequencies!

Finally, I am beginning to accept applications for students for my 2015 Touching the Light Certification Course. For full information about this powerful teaching, please go to

As always, I am grateful for your loving support of my work. I wish laughter in your days, joy in your hearts and love in everything that you do. Blessings to each of you,

Meg Blackburn Losey, PH.D.

Message from the Masters:

June 23rd, 2014

Messages from the Masters June 23, 2014

Ahnu asnsi asi, asi, asi

From all that is light we greet you. Light to Light, heart to heart, there is nothing greater than the unconditionality of our combined light, that which is love.

The quickening continues as in the course of all things many of you are stepping up to your true natures. Even though your current perceptions may be limiting, there are unseen parts of you who are already operating on the highest of levels. Because of this, what was once a series of nebulous, metaphysical ideals has become part of the common consciousness. As each of you embraces even the possibility that there is more than your seen world, and that the unseen holds the keys to your divinity, so then does the common consciousness spread that very message to all of creation. Creation embodies only truth and when the truth is called, it comes, it comes.

What is truth is that the abilities inherent in each of you are clouded only by your beliefs. What is so is always and only that. As each of you explores the possibilities and therefore potentials of self, the possibilities and potentials become available to all others as if the very being of your true nature is contagious to all of consciousness. The great being of totality as consciousness then realizes that the new availability, the reality of the One, can be grasped by all of you as human beings. The knowing becomes part of your nature, hence coming forward in a multitude of ways.
In the older paradigms of beliefs human beings thought that they had to work to create a shift. It became important to become workers of light in such a way to pave the path for those who would come later. There was speculation as to the 100th monkey syndrome, meaning that when a certain number of you “got it” and therefore reaching critical mass, then these quickenings, these aspects of consciousness, the ability to walk the earth while embodying all worlds would become a reality.

You are there. Since the Beginning there has never been a time when those manifest reached a greater state of consciousness. You need nothing. You have everything. What occurs as a result of your new states of being is that consciousness is exponentially growing. It is doing so not in your minds, but your very beings. Energies bring to you entire libraries of knowledge, light of the original frequencies, and your abilities are enhanced to the limitless.

With the Summer Solstice came a sweet unfolding. Those who gather, those who shared or did ceremony opened a portal to the infinite that acts as a direct line of flow from the heart of creation to each of you. The power of the creative process is at your beckon call. True, it has always been, but you had to work at connecting to it. Now, it has connected to you.

The quickening we have spoken of and the opening of consciousness to and from creation carries far more than simple communication. Soon you will witness even more changes in your world. Ideas, technologies, concern and action toward the assistance of others. A world Coalition to divide and share resources to the benefit of all people. This is inevitable.

As all of this is in occurrence, you may be dreaming vivid powerful dreams. That is if you are sleeping. Some of you may not feel able to settle down until certain constellations rise in the night sky. This is because you carry their seeds, their genetic coding. Others of you may feel the need to sleep longer hours, working in your dreamtime for the very same reasons as those who cannot sleep. No matter which side of the sleeping realms you find yourself, you are being contacted, connected, and your psyche is working overtime to maintain the stream of connection that comes now.
Many of you are finding that you need less food, and some of you are complaining of mild or moderate headaches. Others feel as if they are on overdrive while others can barely move. All of this is normal as changes in frequencies occur. Others are having memory issues in particular, short term. Perhaps you find yourselves doing something only later to go do it again and not realize it was done.

Your behavioral patterns may also be changing. It is time to learn the true meaning of fluid. If you have been fixed in your habits you will find that your methods no longer apply the way they did. Many of you are feeling scattered because of this. What we will tell you is that in the in between, the time between when you did or did not complete the task and when you realize that you have already done it, there is an overlay of the continuum that connects the two points in time. In that overlay cones a multitude of possibilities for an outcome different and or greater than the first instance of the task. By task we mean action of any kind. Think of it as if between your actions, the gap, then the apparent memory issue of going to do it again, a blanket of possibilities bridges those moments calling to you to pay attention but more than that, to become your attention.

This sense of mental scattering is temporary but powerful beyond explanation. It is consciousness creating mergence. We repeat. It is consciousness creating mergence.
Consciousness is a fluid being. It records and remembers all things past present and future. In your third dimension it has been difficult for you to realize the inherent connection and constant flow to and from you. Much of this is due to your brain functioning and the evolution of your physical and emotional senses. What occurs now is that you are evolving back to complete sentience. Sentience being uninterrupted awareness of all aspects of being. The difference in this now is that in the third dimensional world, beyond the mass and density is occurring the sentience of all beings simultaneously. Where before the natural path was to individualize the self, it is now evolutionary that self is an aspect of the whole. You knew this by perception but you did not know this as beings of light. Now, deep in your awakenings, you know. You know.

And as you know the next wave of evolution makes it so. What a wonderful time to be human beings, to witness and embody knowingly as a combines whole created of aspects each being that which is a reflection of light, of the source of all things.
In this now throughout the dimensions, an alignment is occurring. S the alignment comes into focus there will seem to be blurring of your mental acuteness. You will feel unfamiliar stirrings within you that will bring you to a sense that you must act, but perhaps are uncertain of what that action would be. Do not resist do not try to force yourself to understand or to act hastily. Creation is guiding you. Trust that.
At the same time, you will find that more comes to the front. That which is deceit or dishonesty will be revealed. Those who are resistant to the natural course of all things will find chaos. This is a great alignment, which has not occurred for countless millennia. It is all encompassing. As the alignment focuses, there will come shortcuts to other realities. Other galaxies, other levels of awareness in which many others such as we reside.

With these gateways reopening, there are some of you who will find your grace, the embodiment of totality as you walk the Earth. Carry it well and love all as you would love yourselves.

All are soon to walk as One as never before.

Weather patterns in the Northeast United States, Europe and the Balkans will continue to be extensive in their affects. Further high winds and heavy storms continue to come.
In the South Atlantic Ocean, regions of the African continent will also see flooding and some, aridness where there is normally rain.

In Asia, rain and a series of earthquakes following a fault line just west of Japan north toward Russia. These do not appear catastrophic but a progression of the realignment of the tectonic plates.

A further large quake appears to be in coming occurrence for southern Peru but may divert depending upon activities to the Asian fault line to the North of Peru and or southern Ecuador.

We also wish to make a statement directly to geneticists. What it is you are doing you do not yet understand. The unpredictability of your out comes is directly relative to the consciousness of your specimens and therefore the consciousness of all things. You are seeking what is empirical data and yet how can anything be so defined when it is in a state of constant evolution? Look to the epigenetic responses. What evolves must be true in response to what may or may not have been true.

To those of you each day, each moment who dwell in the lands of the masses and of mass. The only responsibilities that you have are to live your lives to the best of your abilities, harm no one, take nothing, and share your hearts to the deepest of your being.

We are grateful to be of service in this now. Be in peace.

End of transmission.

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